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Philadelphia native, Sheila E. Battle, is a transformational leader, change agent, and human services advocate. Her passion is to see people grow from the inside out through practical teaching and application of basic principles. Whether managing a team or leading a workshop, her enthusiastic style motivates and inspires from the board room to the pulpit. Sheila’s fusion of real-life stories and her conversational techniques connect with her audience at an intimate, intense, and individual level. Sheila and her husband, Frank, live in Richmond, VA and she is the author and visionary of 15 Minutes of Grace.

The Battlestation is an extended family united through Christian community and networks of relationships.

At the Battlestation, we believe community and relationships are key.  Because God first loves us in Christ, we are invited to respond to His love together in community. We do this a number of different ways. We believe that everyone should have a safe place to call family. A place to come together, to discuss life, form the kind of connections that strengthen,  receive unconditional love, prayer and experience  their connection with God. We strive to help people live their best life.

Meet Frank & Sheila Battle

Frank Battle is one of two children born to Frank and Vashti Battle in Washington, D.C. Frank was raised in Wilson, N.C by his mother and grandmother who instilled in him that respect for elders and faith and trust in God are required. Frank is a proud graduate of North Carolina Central University (Durham, N.C.) and an alumni of the Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative (RCLI).Frank and his wife, Sheila, have two daughters. Frank and Sheila met as a blind date and have been enjoying life together for over 20 years. They love spending time together and with friends at their home affectionately called "The Battlestation". Frank enjoys a good cup of coffee, laughing with friends,  and his videography and photography hobbies.