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The Battlestation is an extended family united through Christian community and networks of relationships.

At the Battlestation, we believe community and relationships are key.  Because God first loves us in Christ, we are invited to respond to His love together in community. We do this a number of different ways. We believe that everyone should have a safe place to call family. A place to come together to discuss life, form the kind of connections that strengthen,  receive unconditional love, prayer and experience  their connection with God. We strive to help people live their best life by loving everyday people everyday. 

Meet Frank & Sheila

​​Frank and Sheila Battle have shared life, love and service in the community for over 25 years. Their home is affectionately referred to as The Battle Station where they coach, consult and support businesses, families and individuals on their journey to mental and emotional health. Whether through one on one sessions, relationship counseling or professional development, their unique style makes them relatable, approachable and effective both together and individually. Collectively they hold graduate level certifications in Marriage and Family counseling along with advanced training in Mental Health and Emotional Wellness services. Most recently they curated a faculty of Professional Counselors and Coaches and launched The SoulCare Academy. This service will provide a directory of licensed counselors and certified coaches who offer holistic and supportive services for those in need. Frank and Sheila also host a podcast and YouTube Channel called Soulful Conversations with Frank and Sheila where they discuss everyday life through the lens of love, marriage and family. Episodes can be found on your favorite podcast platform, YouTube and social media outlets.